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Cittaideale has written and been successful in obtaining research grants, such as European funding mechanisms, and received national and international grants. The Moveable Nexus project is a good example of an international funded project by the Belmont Forum and JPI Europe.

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Toukomst special

Als we daadwerkelijk een andere toekomst willen, moeten we verder vooruit durven denken’, stelt Rob Roggema, lector Ruimtelijke Transformaties van de Hanzehogeschool. Noorderbreedte voegt...

Design charrette

moeder zernike

The future is uncertain. The Zernike campus Groningen is eminently the place where new knowledge is developed, and therefore also the best place to experiment with new solutions which may be...



This book discusses a spectrum of approaches to designing the food-energy-water nexus at different spatial-urban scales. The book offers a framework for working on the FEW-nexus in a design-led...

Design studio

Developing a Design-Led Approach for the Food-Energy-Water Nexus in Cities

Urban communities are particularly vulnerable to the future demand for food, energy and water, and this vulnerability is further exacerbated by the onset of climate change at local. Solutions need...


Bypassing the Obvious: Implementing Cutting Edge Ideas for Futuring Urban Landscapes

Vulnerable regions in particular especially face increased risks in periods of disruptive change. This mechanism is fed by a strongly felt uncertainty about the future, consisting of unprecedented...


Architectuur lokaal

In deze lezing voor Architectuur lokaal in Utrecht belicht Rob Roggema de noodzaak voor radicale veranderingen in de manier waarop we onze steden...